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2023 Reflections and the Year Ahead

I am proud to share our accomplishments and partnerships in advancing the use of data and technology for conservation, climate change, and sustainable development. Collaborating with esteemed partners, we've made significant strides in our mission. 

Here are some of the key highlights from 2023:

Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) Guidance: In a pivotal engagement with the UN Environment Programme, we developed comprehensive guidance on applying governance to biodiversity data within the Kunming-Montreal GBF. This initiative represents a significant step forward in understanding and preserving our planet's biodiversity. See

Carbon Removal in Kenya: Through the Global Carbon Removal Partnership and collaborating with Thunderbird School of Global Management and the Government of Kenya, we supported the first national workshop dedicated to carbon removal. This groundbreaking event brought together over 200 participants for a two-day deliberation, culminating in a roadmap focused on responsible carbon removal strategies led by the Global South. See

The Digital Impact Alliance: I was honored with an invitation from DIAL to become a Research Fellow, focusing on the crucial intersection between digital public infrastructure (DPI) and climate resilience. We contributed to this field with a publication demonstrating how geospatial and Earth observation data are integral to DPI. See

Launch of Digital Earth Pacific (DEP): Perhaps the most monumental achievement this year was the launch of DEP. After nearly three years of dedication, including navigating the challenges of a global pandemic, we worked with the Pacific Community on the establishment of this program. See

As we celebrate our achievements, we are acutely aware of the broader global context of conflict and suffering. The pursuit of a prosperous and sustainable future for all has never been more vital. We extend our hopes for increased peace and equality in 2024.

We are optimistic about the year ahead and eager to continue our collaborations. We are committed to empowering communities worldwide with the necessary data, tools, and resources to make informed and effective decisions for a sustainable future. Here's to a year of impact, innovation, and partnership in 2024!

Many thanks and gratitude to the D4DInsights team, advisors and partners including Dianne Szerlong, Jesse Anderson, Jodi Delaney, Amber Kiwan, Alex Leith, Meghan Halabisky, Edward Boamah, Sives Govender, Sanjeev Khagram, Philip Thigo, Ian Schuler, Barbara Ryan, Agnieszka Rawa, Pisupati Balakrishna, Andrea Hinwood, David Jensen, Stephanie Arcusa, Stuart Minchen, Karena Lyons, Andiswa Mlisa, Sachindra Singh, Sarah Farooqi and Jonathan Dolan.


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