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D4DInsights makes data and technology work for sustainable development. A trusted partner to governments, multilateral organizations, academic institutions, civil society organizations, and technology companies, our expertise lies at the intersection of strategy, engagement, and innovation. Driven by our signature approach to inclusive, demand-driven design, our work delivers efficient, long-term results, helping launch, strengthen, and scale programs related to climate change, agriculture and food security, conservation, environmental protection, and more.

We develop STRATEGY to catalyze and launch new programs and solutions.

We ENGAGE through multi-stakeholder approaches to define what's important.

We INNOVATE through collaboration to create a better, sustainable future.

Our Guiding Principles:

Be demand-driven. Digital tools and technologies are too often deployed as “build it and they will come.” We engage with stakeholders to understand their needs and priorities to ensure products and services are built to be responsive. 


Inclusive by design. Data systems that drive policy and decision-making must be inclusive, multi-stakeholder, and partnership-driven. We engage with stakeholders and users through a co-design process to ensure products are fit-for-purpose while also supporting holistic capacity development and build community thereby increasing the potential for impact.

Representative governance. Good governance combines both top-down and bottom-up approaches. Engagement from key decision-makers builds greater political support and buy-in from countries and stakeholders. Technical representation from international, regional, and national stakeholders provides an understanding of issues, needs, activities, and initiatives from the ground up.


Build trust and accountability. Build open, transparent, and respectful relationships with stakeholders, leaders, and champions. Be empathetic and responsive - take time to really understand the user and the problem. Create an accountability framework and a sustainable business model to build trust with your stakeholders. This is key to the success of any program.


Open data ecosystems. We always advocate for open, interoperable data. When data from multiple sources are combined, it opens up the potential for more use cases, applications, and innovations. This requires a strong data ecosystem approach, built upon a foundation of collaborative, multi-stakeholder partnerships and systems that enable scale and innovation.

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