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ILCN-ELCN Global Congress

Aditya Agrawal, Founder of D4DInsights, has been invited to speak at the 2021 Global Congress of the International Land Conservation Network (ILCN) that will take place from December 8-10, 2021. He will join a session on “Strengthening Collaboration Through Data: Sharing and Democratizing Data to Increase Efficiency and Impact."

About the Congress

The 2021 Global Congress of the International Land Conservation Network (ILCN) and Eurosite - the European Land Conservation Network (ELCN) will bring together an international community of private and civic land conservation practitioners to advance our work by sharing expertise in conservation finance, law and policy, organization and governance, land stewardship and management, large landscape conservation, and conservation technology.

As nations around the world work towards ambitious targets to protect and restore biodiverse, climate-resilient ecosystems, private and civic land conservation is becoming increasingly significant at every scale- from micro reservas in Valencia, Spain to protected areas spanning tens of millions of hectares in Canada’s Far North. Targets such as protecting 30% of lands by 2030 can only be reached by taking a collaborative and inclusive approach that leverages and builds on the capacity of a range of land stewards – landowners, communities, and civic organizations, among others - to undertake voluntary, durable, and effective land conservation action.

The Congress will grow and build upon the momentum and collaborations that have emerged in the past convenings of the ILCN and the ELCN, including the series of ELCN workshops in Finland, Spain, and Romania in 2018 and 2019; the 2018 Global Congress of the ILCN in Santiago, Chile; and the 2015 Global Congress of the ILCN in Berlin, Germany.

Using the digital tools available to bring together an ever-growing community still facing the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, we invite you to join us in continuing to learn from and support one another in growing the private and civic land conservation movement.

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